Salix Arms

We are a foreign trading company that mainly deals with exporting Turkish shotguns, airguns and spare parts  to our distinguished customers and seasoned hunters all around the globe.

When establishing “Salix Arms” as our foreign trading department, our mission is to make sure that our customer whether is a hunter or collector, gets the most dependable, reliable, quality product with the best craftsmanship anybody can offer at an affordable and reasonable price backed up with satisfactory customer support and warranties.

On the one hand, we are able to manufacture: semi automatic, magazine-fed, over-under, side by side, pump action (short-long), magazine-fed pump action, straigt pull, bull pup, revolver, single barrel

shotguns in different qualities and standards.

In addition, we export various kinds of tactical shotguns to different parts of the world such as Europe, the USA, UK, the Middle East, Asia, and South America.

Offering a great product is one thing, but knowing that you can rely on the company after the sale is another. We ensure that we are taking care of our customers for any type of information or service they require. Rest assured that if you misplace an instruction manual or you are unsure about how to perform any step in loading, shooting or maintaining your “Salix Arms”, we will always be there to help you.