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The new World’s Most readily useful Red-light Areas, Rated

Not that you would ever visit a red light district during one of your many globetrots, but it’s still important to be well-informed. When it comes to society’s seedy underbellies, local laws and customs vary by country, and you, errr, can never be too safe. In addition to wearing condoms (definitely do that), there’s other stuff. Here’s a comprehensive guide to the world’s best erotic playgrounds.

eleven. Rue Saint-Denis

Paris, France
What to expect: This Freienbach escort guide historic street runs from Boulevard de Bonne-Nouvelle and Rue de Rivoli and can be split into two halves, but only the northern section is what you’re looking for. It’s not the fanciest part of Paris, as it’s known for its corner mendicants as much as it is for its sex workers. Here you’ll find a slew of sex shops and peep shows, with streetwalkers meandering between them competing for your sex-trade euro.

What it’s going to pricing: The streetwalkers are where the action is here, much more so than the shops and peep shows, and they’ll run you between €30-€70 ($33-$77). If you’d like to do something “romantic” like actually touch her, or take off her bra, that’ll cost extra.

Become warned: Though the ladies standing outside the peep shows look pretty hot, they are in no way representative of what you’ll find inside. So, as with everything in life, the key to a great time is low expectations.

Are you aware: The Porte Saint-Denis — the arch that serves as a gateway to the street — was modeled after Rome’s Arch of Titus and was built in 1672.

10. Kabukicho

Tokyo, The japanese
What to expect: Kabukicho caters almost exclusively to Japanese locals and their passion for odd sexual fantasy; it can be a difficult place for tourists. Clubs are often themed, and filled with sexy secretaries, nurses, maids, dominatrices, you name it — it’s like Halloween year-round! There’s naked karaoke, rentable sex dolls, and even “soap lands” where you’ll get soapy clean before you get dirty. Not to mention hostess clubs, where you pay for companionship. How sweet. While paid sex is illegal in Japan, everything else is fair game — just be sure to pay attention to the clock, as the sex clubs close at midnight.

What it’s going to costs: Prices for host clubs run from about $30-$140 for two hours, depending on the quality of the joint. A pink salon will set you back about $20, while escort services — where the ladies come to your room — start around $250 an hour.

Become informed: Don’t just pop into places to check them out — bouncers are known to hustle tourists with exorbitant, non-negotiable entrance fees.

Are you aware: Kabukicho is home to a large region of ladyboys, the local term for transgender individuals who also work the district.

nine. Geylang

Singapore Urban area, Singapore
What to anticipate: Geyalng is a three-mile-long road with side streets called “lorongs.” The even-numbered ones are filled with “chicken farms:” legal brothels regulated by the government and filled with Thai and Chinese women working as prostitutes. Your sessions are limited to 45 minutes, so maybe don’t opt for the “extended pleasure” condoms and stick to the ribbed for her pleasure.

What it will prices: The prostitutes are split up into $40, $80, and $150 varieties, though top-end $200 prostitutes are also available. But $50, on average, can get the job done.

Be informed: Though the legal brothels are confined to the even-numbered lorongs, there are still brothels on the odd-numbered ones too. Most of these are illegal and unregulated, and you may find yourself running out naked if there’s a raid.

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